We develop, grow, and invest in direct to consumer brands


We are a relentless team of millennials with expertise in eCommerce, marketing, operations, and logistics. We own multiple brands and take care of the entire customer journey: designing, manufacturing, promoting, and delivering wow-worthy experiences to our customers worldwide.



We believe in using insights to drive brand development that will lead to real results. We know how to position brands and products in the marketplace, regardless of vertical. Our goal is to enable brands to respond in real-time with content that will attract new, high-value customers.


At our core, we consider ourselves expert digital marketers that craft digital ad strategies using targeting techniques to acquire (or reacquire) the perfect customers. Our process is focused on what we consider to be the four main pillars for digital marketing success: Awareness, Evaluation, Conversion, Retention.


We partner with daring entrepreneurs to build market-leading digitally native brands. From day zero through all the stages of development and growth, we support our founders through our platform and provide the necessary resources such as office space, engineering, creative.



Launched in 2014, Soxy is a direct to consumer premium apparel brand which designs bold socks to help empower individuality and self-expression.

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Bold Society

Initially launched on Kickstarter and raising $200,000+, Bold Society handmade-made in Portugal shoes are for those who love being at the forefront of life



Launched in 2019, Hookes is a planet friendly vegan sneaker brand with its first product being a sustainable handmade in Portugal from natural cork.